Gins the Thing But What is Gin?

So if my native UK is anything to go by gin is ever more popular.

The market in the UK is saturated to the point of even the most arduant gin nerds are finding it hard to keep up with the next new gin.

But with great popularity come with it a certain amount of economic pressure as definitions are pushed.


Its important to ensure that the industry is free to innovate as without innovation the market would soon stagnate.


I am also aware that gin is supposed to be fun.


The legislation at it most basic says “Gin is a juniper-flavoured spirit drink”.

As far as descriptions go it doesn’t get much more vague.This leaves the stable door open and by the looks of things, the horse firmly bolted. Consumers must vote with there feet avoiding the charms of the less sophisticated impostors.  

Botanicals from Medical Marvel to the Perfect Tonic for a Market Differentiation  

Long ago in the days before modern medicine the scientist of there day would prepare tinctures of herbs. Many of the active ingredients used in present day medicine are or were originally from plants

It will be of no surprise that we continue to look at plants for cures for modern diseases as well as the cure for old ones that are fast becoming resistant to antibiotics.

In drinks most recently we are searching for new flavours and stories to tell. But you must be careful and treat your botanicals with respect.

At best you can end up with off flavours and the worst doesn’t bare thinking about.    

One of the most interesting and at times worrying trends for the aspiring botanist, turned distiller is to go out into the wild and take samples.


There are a couple of reasons Foraging is bad plan.


You are trusting your health and the health of your customers to you ability to correctly and beyond all reasonable doubt identify a plant.


 Are you confident enough to put your gin where your mouth is?


So many plants have poisenous relatives that look identical even to trained experts.

The other reasons are one of sustainability, will you be able to keep picking from that spot?

What effect will that have on the place you pick it from?


Is it traceable? Do you know what have gone on before you go there.

If you only have a small area to sample from, can it possibly be consistent?


I would take inspiriation from your surroundings and maybe a small leaf or flower for identification over a gin and tonic later and then find a legitimate supplier.